We are imagineers that is our true identity. By nature, we always first look for the real identity that is hidden in the roots of our client. In the people who work there. In the history and the stories. That identity is the basis for everything we do. The absolute starting point for imaging.
And everything that arises from it.

Our perspective in imagineering

We approach imagineering from three angles. Creating and maintaining visual identities. In line with the total identity, we create an image that contributes to the brand experience. In addition, we make a visual report of the behavior of these brands.


Our process in imagineering

Only people can form an image. We therefore believe that imagineering is human work.
In this intensive collaboration, we believe that good personal contact is not only important, it is a requirement.
Even if it has some more rules in this period.

Working together with our team is characterized by co-creation, grip and flexibility.
Because we believe that quality is never created by chance, but is always the result of an intelligent effort.

because we believe in more quality through shared strengths.

because we believe in more creativity within well-defined work agreements.

because we believe in more ultimate results when we respect all interests in the process.


Our retrospective in imagineering

Actually, we have always been one.
After twenty years of working alongside, with and parallel to each other, we decided to make Borghouts Design and Besides Purple a single name. BorghoutsBouter. Imagineers, for almost thirty years now. With the imagination of our clients in the absolute center.